Peschici Manaccora

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Peschici Beach of Manaccora

Light pole falls on a car due to strong winds in Palermo: alert for gusts throughout Sicily Strong wind in Palermo causes inconvenience, several teams of firefighters in action   Hail destroys tulips in Foggia, desperate flower grower in tears: wave of affection on the net Bad weather hits the Foggia area, the tears of the entrepreneur Giuseppe Savino go viral on social media   Weather forecast and Italy cut in two by the wind: gusts up to 140 kilometers per hour, danger of hail Strong winds in the North, bad weather in the South: Italy is split in two and crops are at risk. The weather forecast and the alarm cry of Coldiretti   The weather forecast for the last weekend of March on bad weather: where it could rain on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th The last weekend of March will be characterized by bad weather and a drop in temperatures: where rain is expected according to weather experts   World Water Day, the alarm from the United Nations: unsustainable use, risk of global crisis World Water Day falls in a period of drought for Italy, while the UN raises the alarm   Weather forecast and the beginning of spring with rain: what will change with the African anticyclone Rain in Italy for the beginning of spring, but with the African anticyclone everything changes: when the sun comes, weather forecast until the weekend   Avalanche and avalanche, origins and differences These are winter phenomena that can also be extremely dangerous: those who find themselves in the trajectory of an avalanche or avalanche risk their lives   African anticyclone arriving in Italy: the forecast for the weekend, between heat and annoying rains The weather forecast for next weekend: what the weather will be like in the North, Center and South and in which regions temperatures are rising   Weather forecast and the return of rain and strong winds, watch out for the snow: when and where you'll need an umbrella More rain and strong winds in Italy, who will have to take an umbrella until the weekend according to the weather forecast   In Cosenza a whirlwind tore off the roof of the Prefecture, damage to the Coldiretti village: there are injured On the afternoon of Sunday 12 March 2023 the city of Cosenza was hit by a whirlwind which caused numerous damages in various areas   
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Sour, seductive, magical, generous: Peschici and the Gargano, a unique world in which extremely heterogeneous landscapes and moments alternate, nevertheless united by the living, powerful and solemn presence of nature. The characteristic hinterland, impervious and stony, slowly transforms into a marvelous coast, a rhythmic succession of white cliffs, surprising sea caves, bright coves with polychrome pebbles, dense patches of Aleppo pines, lovely beaches of light and thin sand ... a spectacular sea. You can say that you have been in a real earthly paradise made of sun, crystal clear sea and unspoiled nature.


- Beach
- Excursions
- Accommodation
- Bar Restaurant

Sports activities

- Fishing
- Sailing
- Bike


Location Manaccora, 71010
Peschici, FG
Summer Tel./Fax: (May-October): (+39) 0884.911050
Winter Tel./Fax: (January-April): (+39) 0884.963396