Peschici Manaccora

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Peschici Beach of Manaccora

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Sour, seductive, magical, generous: Peschici and the Gargano, a unique world in which extremely heterogeneous landscapes and moments alternate, nevertheless united by the living, powerful and solemn presence of nature. The characteristic hinterland, impervious and stony, slowly transforms into a marvelous coast, a rhythmic succession of white cliffs, surprising sea caves, bright coves with polychrome pebbles, dense patches of Aleppo pines, lovely beaches of light and thin sand ... a spectacular sea. You can say that you have been in a real earthly paradise made of sun, crystal clear sea and unspoiled nature.


- Beach
- Excursions
- Accommodation
- Bar Restaurant

Sports activities

- Fishing
- Sailing
- Bike


Location Manaccora, 71010
Peschici, FG
Summer Tel./Fax: (May-October): (+39) 0884.911050
Winter Tel./Fax: (January-April): (+39) 0884.963396