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Surfing and Adventures in Baleal, Portugal – Surfness Lodge and School

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Portugal Baleal

No anticyclone and the weather forecast until June 2 gets worse: rain and yellow alert in 8 regions The weather forecast up to the June 2 long weekend is not reassuring: the week starts with a yellow alert in 8 regions   The sun is coming according to the weather forecast but there will be rain: the trend until June 2nd The weather forecast for the last weekend of May is characterized by sunny weather, but there will still be scattered thunderstorms   Flooding in Brescia and its province due to a strong storm: roads invaded by water and flooded underpasses Bad weather again: heavy storms have caused flooding, landslides and damage to Brescia and the province   Weather, bad weather returns to Northern Italy: thunderstorms and hail even in flooded areas Thunderstorms and possible hailstorms will hit Northern Italy, even in the areas affected by the flood   After a rainy and cold May, the forecasts for June arrive: what will happen according to the experts The weather trends for the coming weeks signal a return of rain in the south, while the north takes a breather   Tunisian cyclone arriving according to weather forecasts: alert in 3 regions, Emilia-Romagna spared The weather forecasts for the third weekend of May are marked by the arrival of a new cyclone: ​​Emilia-Romagna spared, alert in 3 regions   Bad weather not only in Emilia-Romagna: orange alert in Campania, Tuscany and Marche. Yellow in 13 regions The strong wave of bad weather is not worrying only Emilia Romagna: all regions of Italy on alert for the weather situation and forecasts   Weather alert in Emilia Romagna and Campania: schools closed in various cities of the regions, here are which ones Emilia Romagna and Campania among the regions affected by the red and orange alert, the mayors decide for the precautionary closure of schools   The Mediterranean cyclone arrives and the weather forecast worsens: showers and thunderstorms arriving in Italy The weather forecast for the week between Monday 15 and Sunday 21 May: the Mediterranean cyclone arrives and bad weather is expected, including showers and thunderstorms   Cloudburst in Pesaro with hail and flooding: bad weather and heavy rain in the Marche region Part of the Marche province was hit by the rain and a hailstorm that affected the capital causing flooding in a few minutes   
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Peniche and Baleal, the Portuguese surfing center between nature, adventure and emotions. The surf house, Surfness Lodge, is located a stone's throw from the ocean and has a total of 5 rooms, for a total of 12 beds. Comfort, lapping and ocean view are the main features, it also has a terrace (usable only by some rooms) from which to enjoy spectacular sunsets and breathtaking awakenings. The rustle of the wind and the sound of the waves will accompany you to rest between one surf and the next, as well as to relive the most beautiful daily emotions. The functionality and sharing of common spaces will make everything unique and make you feel at home.

Surfing School has certified instructors from the International Surfing Association (ISA) and Portuguese Surfing Federation (FPS) who will choose the teaching, material and surf spots that best suit you. Lessons take place in small groups, where everyone is followed in a personalized way. There is also a specific training course, called "surf training", pure practice to prepare you for the ocean.

Yoga and Pilates practices will relax you, putting you in harmony with water, air and nature. With our Portuguese and Italian professionals, you will be able to discover natural meditation, the world of massages, giving balance, strength and flexibility to your body.


Patio and Solarium
Spacious lounge
Tv / Pc area
- Soft hard surfboard rental
- Bike and Skateboard rental

Sports activities

ISA - FPS certified surf school
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Yoga school


Surfing Lodge
Rua Do Lagido 19, Casais do Baleal
Phone +351 962 134 470