Marina Sailing School of Ragusa: Sailing, Windsurfing and Kitesurfing courses

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Marina di Ragusa

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A project that aims to develop a sport of international importance in the Hyblean territory, providing all the necessary support to those who want to try their hand or simply become passionate about a discipline with an inexorable charm. 
Ambition, with a far-sighted vision that aims to make its inspiring principles and, at the same time, propellers the flywheel that promotes and enhances emerging and sometimes eclipsed talents, up to recognition beyond territorial borders. 
An opportunity that draws inspiration from everyone's enthusiasm to make it the catalyst that, starting from a serious and correct sailing path, leads to the formation of a competitive sports team that welcomes talents from the territory, prepared to compete in events of character national and international.


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Sports activities

Sailing school
Windsurf school
Kitesurf school
Sailing school


Via Livorno, 97010
Marina di Ragusa RG, Italy
Cell 393 7771200

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