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Rome the Colosseum

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The Flavian Amphitheater, more commonly known as the Colosseum, rises in the archaeological heart of the city of Rome and welcomes a large number of visitors every day, attracted by the charm of its history and its complex architecture.

The building, known as the Colosseum due to a colossal statue that once stood nearby, was built in the XNUMXst century AD at the behest of the emperors of the Flavian dynasty, and hosted, until the end of ancient times, shows of great popular appeal, such as hunts and gladiatorial games. The building was, and still remains today, a spectacle in itself. It is in fact the largest amphitheater in the world, able to offer surprising scenographic apparatuses, as well as services for the spectators.

Symbol of the glories of the empire, the Amphitheater has changed its face and function over the centuries, offering itself as a structured space but open to the Roman community.


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