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Our partnership was born as an amateur sports club, whose attendance is reserved for sportsmen / agonists who practice sailing sports, and in particular: wing foiling, wind surfing, kite surfing / foiling.
Obviously, athletes who go out to sea with a sup or who use a mountain bike can also ask to attend.
Those who go out to sea using a motorized boat are strictly excluded.
A characterization that must distinguish visitors is related to respect for others, for animals, for nature, including the sea. Anyone who does not fall into this category of people can avoid asking to join the association.
In other words, we would like to create a place and an environment where we live in respect and harmony with society and the environment that surrounds us.


- Storage
– Changing rooms and bathrooms
– Technical room

Sports activities

– Wingfoil school
– Windsurfing – Kitesurfing – Surfing school

Contact us

Wingfoil Club
tel. 380 / 4552626