Lesina, the city in the lagoon: description, services, sporting activities and tourism.

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Municipality of Lesina

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The town lies on a peninsula on the southern shore of the homonymous lagoon.
The territory of Lesina, County of the Duchy of Benevento and seat of the bishop's chair, was already known in Roman times with the name Alexina. It was refounded by Dalmatian fishermen. It first welcomed the refugees from Lucera fleeing from Emperor Constans II and after 8 centuries the fugitives from the Tremiti Islands.

Lake and sea, flora and fauna, protected nature and tourist development are the peculiar pairings of Lesina and its variegated territory.

The entire eastern part of the lake has been subjected to the regime of "Natural Reserve for Animal Repopulation".

Tourist development is particularly concentrated in the area north of the city, the one facing the sea. Here is Marina di Lesina, repeatedly awarded among the Italian tourist resorts for the purity of its waters.



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Municipality of Lesina